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QUADRA floor

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A floor with endless areas of use...

QUADRA floor is a unique plastic floor! Due to low height and unique assembly technique, it will become the optimal choice.

Quadra floor is compact and strong. The floor is developed to endure high impacts from truck and car usage and is thereby the absolute choice of floor for:

- garages
- industrial halls and showrooms
- boats
- balconies and storehouses
- basements and corridors
- showers
- boats

Usage areas are endless for this plastic floor, only your fantasy is setting the limit...

QUADRA floor is easy to assembly and variable

. the floor pieces are placed side by side and locked into place by connecting pins.
. with different colors you are able to create own unique patterns and color combinations.
. when bored with a pattern you can easily disassemble the pieces and create a new pattern without any bigger effort and this way you will never get bored with your unique plastic floor.


QUADRA floor is maintenance free!

. the floor is maintenance free but possible to vacuum or wash if needed
. the floor can also be lifted if need to clean surface under the floor

QUADRA floor is removable!

. easily removed to different places
. on bigger surfaces it is easy to assembly the pieces into blocks and put them back together in desired place.