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Injection Molding

PlastPoint’s machinery consists of eight modern fully automatic molding machines with portal robots.

With our experience in injection molding we are happy to share our knowledge that your product becomes as optimal and cost-efficient as possible.

With our machinery we can offer you:

- Shot weights from 1- 300 g
- A maximum detailed size of 350x450 mm
- Clamping force between 25 - 180 ton

Injection molding uses plastic granulate with different qualities to optimize the finished product.

The granulate is melted down through a barrel with a rotating screw to approximately 160 - 300 ℃ depending on the material. The molten plastic is then injected into a mold cavity with a pressure up to 3000 bar depending on the design of the details. After cooling the product is finished.

Through our cooperation partners we also offer print and laser engraving.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for futher discussions and offers!