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A high-quality mold is essential for the process of injection molding.

Molds are made of steel which are cured. In case of smaller series aluminium molds can be used. We also offer 3D printed molds in metal via our cooperation partners.

We work with experienced mold manufacturers in our region who have delivered many instruments to us throughout the years.

- The manufacturers make the molds according to our designs
- We inspect and approve the constructions of the instrument
- We provide you with test series before full-scale production starts

Molds can be stored by us or customer.

Minor maintenances and reparations are mady in our own workshop

We have a good cooperation with skilled manufacturers in China!

We have very good experience with the process and cooperation with our mold manufacturers in China.

Every step of the production process is approved by us before the next one starts.

A test delivery is send to us and to the customer before the final mold products are shipped by boat or plane.