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Planning and Development

Today we are working together in many different product areas and have a wide area of expertise. We know the requirements and demands on today’s products.

With our team consisting of both younger and older knowledge and skills we offer everything from complex experience to modern thinking.

We use the most recent CAD programmes such as SolidWorks, AutoCad and Rhino. We handle most file formats.

We also practice simulation of injection molding through a Moldflow simulation programme.

Moldflow makes it possible to simulate the procedure of the injection molding, which means we can find any possible defects or weaknesses before the final product. This makes your product even more sustainable and cost-efficient!

With our 3D printer we can easily provide you with smaller prototypes, which will help you get a better vision of your product.

How can we help YOU?

Please visit us and bring an idea, an outline or an already made file format and we will happily help you achieve your goal.