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We use commodity plastics, engineering plastics and recycled plastics.

Commody plastics

Commodity plastics are basic plastics and used when the finished product does not require any special technical functions.

Engineering plastic

Engineering plastics are used when the product does require a special technical specification. For example heat-resistant, cold-resistant, conductive or non-conductive etc.

Recycled plastic

Environmental thinking is important to us and therefore we try to use recycled plastic whenever possible. We grind our own waste material down to granule and then reuse it. Quality improvement and environmental friendly options are some of the goals we are aiming for.

Choosing the right material

To choose the right material is essential to both you and your product. With the right choices you can:

- optimize the material consumption
- make your product strong and sustainable
- make your product as environmental friendly as possible
- find technical functions for your product
- make the manufacturing process more efficient

All to eventually get you a cost-efficient product!

Let us help you to find the right material for YOUR product!